Increased Absorption, Easy on the Stomach Iron

FePlus is a proprietary, blended chelate containing iron that is quickly absorbed by the body and gentle on the stomach.

Chelation, the process of binding iron molecules to an amino acid, stabilizes iron so it is readily absorbed into the bloodstream while being gentle on the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

FePlus is food-friendly and has no metallic taste, so you can take your prenatal vitamin with or without meals.

The Importance of Iron During Pregnancy

An estimated 50% of all pregnant women experience iron deficiency anemia, notably during the third trimester – a particularly important time to maintain healthy iron levels as it is when the fetus begins to store iron for use during the first six months of life. Additional reasons why iron is important during pregnancy:

While supplementing with iron daily helps replenish and maintain what is needed, up to 60% of women experience unpleasant side effects from most oral iron therapy, including upset stomach, indigestion, and nausea, making chelated iron a viable option.

Did You Know?

Anemia, a direct result of iron deficiency, is the single most prevalent nutritional issue for women in their child-bearing years – with pregnant women having the highest deficiency rate of all at 50%.

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Prena1 Pearl provides 30 mg of iron as FePlus in each daily softgel.

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